Jason K


Ian regularly coaches my 14 year old daughter in cyclocross.

During each session he explains the purpose and goals for the session and how performance should improve. The sessions are varied and most importantly enjoyable. Ian regularly takes riders out of their comfort zones and this has allowed my daughter to make significant gains and helped increase her confidence. As a result she had several wins during the 2017 season.

Paul H


I have attended Ian’s cyclocross coaching sessions for the past 2 years. The sessions have just the right balance of technical skills and fitness training. You come away knowing that you have improved your skill base and been given a good workout.

The training is aimed at maximising your race performance with plenty of coach – rider feedback. Ian’s coaching sessions are hard, but they need to be if we are to improve. At the end of the session you have not only enjoyed yourself but you’ve learnt something as well. I would whole heartily recommend Ian for any cycle training sessions he is holding.

Gavin H

Ian has been my cyclocross coach for 2 years. The sessions are always taxing, this could be from a fitness or technical skills point of view and the training is always relevant to the goal of improving race performance, but most importantly they are always fun. Ian always listening to the riders feedback on the sessions and then adapts any future training to suit.
I have improved as a rider due to these coached training sessions and can 100% recommend Ian as a coach.