Natural Talent vs Deep Practice

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There is growing interest in how individual athletes achieve their potential and deliver performance at the highest level and all of the evidence points to deep and deliberate practice over natural talent.

Let’s start by asking what makes a world-champion? Natural talent? Well yes, many top athletes possess natural talent as a useful starting point but a quick look (see below) into the way top athletes train dispels any misconception that natural talent is much of a shortcut to world domination.

On the contrary, evidence shows that the way individuals practice skills and the amount of practice they do largely explains differences between top performers and others.

Practice makes perfect….. but only if you practice well. Many athletes train hard, practice daily, but that’s not enough to perfect skill. No matter how often or for how long you practice there no guarantee that you’ll be improving your skills. 10,000 hours is what is needed to build world class skills, right?

So, the more you practice and the more mistakes you make, the faster you learn and the better you get. It’s not that simple.

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Kaizen Cycling Teams Up With Mud Sweat & Gears


Kaizen Cycling is excited to announce a joint venture with Mud Sweat & Gears to bring Cross-country (XC) Mountain Biking Racing to Central Region.

Mud Sweat & Gears is the most prolific and successful provider of mountain bike racing in the UK and provides the best XC Mountain Biking Racing series in the country. The new race series, Mud Sweat & Gears – Central Series will kick off in 2018 with 3 races (Black Park, National Bowl, Milton Keynes and Rushmere Country Park) including one venue offering XC Mountain Biking Racing for the first time.

As always with Mud Sweat & Gears, the races will be open to riders of all ages and levels, beginner through to elite, and Mud Sweat & Gears – Central will be offering coaching in addition to racing for the younger riders.

The goal is to develop the series during 2019 and 2020 by adding more races and more venues including several that have never been used for XC Mountain Biking Racing before and venues will be spread across Central Region which covers Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

You can find out more about Mud Sweat & Gears – Central Series here or check us out on Facebook.